Pressure Ulcer Care

Pressure Ulcer Care

Essential information for the management of pressure ulcers in primary and secondary care environments

A pressure ulcer, also commonly referred to as a pressure sore or a bed sore, can best be described as a breakdown of the skin and underlying tissue.

Pressure ulcers usually occur over bony areas (such as the sacrum, buttocks, heels, ankles, hips, shoulders, elbows, and head), but can occur anywhere on the body, with the damage ranging from skin redness to deep ulcers which involve fat, muscle and bone.

This short course intends to raise awareness to the key issues and guidelines for the management of pressure ulcers in primary and secondary care environments and provides useful information for anybody working with individuals who (for whatever reason) become susceptible to pressure ulcers.

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    "Excellent course very informative "

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    "Very good module. Adequate depth and range of information."

  • comfort shinkaiye said:

    "Excellent course very informative "


    "very helpfull and highly informative"

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    "A good informative course covering all the main principles of child protection, with a comprehensive assessment at the end covering all the important points covered in the course"

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    "I appreciate doing this course as it is very much vital to my job and it has really been put in such a way that you can follow up each topic easily.Thanks."

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    "The information provided was invaluable, as with previous hospital attendance days, you attended and got a certificate at the end.  The examination questions at the end were very beneficial.

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    "Very comprehensive and informative training package"

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    "great , new tmo me , picked up some nice starter knowledge"

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    Clear instructions. 
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