Certificate in Child Protection - Level 1

Certificate in Child Protection - Level 1

Essential knowledge for a basic understanding of child protection

Welcome to the Level 1 Child Protection course which intends to cover basic safeguarding/child protection information and is designed for organisations whose various work activities means that staff at all levels are likely to encounter children and young people within their professional roles and responsibilities.

As it is important for everyone to appreciate the contribution to safeguarding and child protection that they may be able to make, this Level 1 programme has been designed to help raise awareness of the key issues pertinent to those who perform support functions such as roles and responsibilities associated with the following broad remits: receptionists, administrative staff, catering assistants, transport staff, maintenance staff and those performing other core support functions within different organisations.

The following topics are covered within the course:

  • Legislation, rights and expectations
  • Types of abuse
  • Signs and indicators of abuse
  • Other elements that pose a risk to children
  • Radicalisation and the risks of the Internet and social media
  • Mental health and domestic violence
  • Information sharing and taking action
  • Understanding the referral process

What our users say ...

  • Sarah Pengelly said:

    "This was a great way to learn. "

  • Adaobi Mbanaso said:

    "Excellent training package. Personally benefitted alot from it. Well done!"

  • sudi hora said:

    "the course has been truely enjoyable"

  • Katie Hall said:

    "I think that the course is fab"

  • Andrew Sena said:

    "Straight to the point information which is relevant and informative to the work."

  • Georgina Kerr said:

    "I found the course very good. It was well set out and easy to follow. i liked the light bulb facts!"

  • Nanette Cabatac said:



    "Easy enough to use and the questions are clear and understanding"

  • valencia monaise said:

    "Thanks to this e-learning course,i ve now improved my skills and knowledge about my career as a carer."

  • Sagir Parkar said:

    "Very helpful course.  Much better than our induction course at work..."

  • Julius Kamau said:

    "very very helpful information for my development."


    "Comprehensive and easy to use."


    "good reading"

  • Danielle Spedding said:

    "really good and informative

  • Krystle Baird said:


    really good



  • Lisa Marie Carpenter said:



    Just completed the course online. Content exactly what is needed for my role.


  • Rose Ebanks said:

    "It is really interatctive and easy to understand."

  • Julius Kamau said:

    "very very helpful information for my development."

  • gulen nazifi said:

    "very informative and clear structured"

  • Julius Kamau said:

    "very very helpful information for my development."

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