Promoting Positive Behaviours

Promoting Positive Behaviours

Explaining key information associated with Promoting Positive Behaviours in children, young people and adults

Welcome to this short course about Promoting Positive Behaviours.

This programme offers an opportunity to understand the importance of promoting positive behaviours whether in children, young people or adults and during the course, you will explore the legislation that supports the use of restrictive interventions, understand how to recognise changes in behaviour patterns (which can help to prevent the escalation of challenging behaviour) and also understand how individuals are affected by the experience of challenging behaviour.

As a result of completing this course, you will:

  • be better equipped to recognise triggers and warning signs that a person’s behaviour is becoming more challenging
  • understand behaviours and Positive Behavioural Support (PBS)
  • identify where there may be a need for either de-escalation or intervention
  • have considered best practice, strategies and Behavioural Support Plans
  • have examined the effects on individuals who witness or become involved in an incident

As it will also be important to be able to recognise the importance of person-centred approaches, we will also consider the importance of responding in a way that promotes dignity and respect throughout (both before and after incidents).

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  • Adaobi Mbanaso said:

    "Excellent training package. Personally benefitted alot from it. Well done!"

  • Anand Madasamy said:

    "Practical and sensible.  Saves time."

  • Donna Taylor said:

    "A very informative course. "

  • Julie Ward said:

    "Very informative.

    Clear instructions. 
    Ability to go back over the course and take notes.

  • BRIAN WATSON said:

    "great , new tmo me , picked up some nice starter knowledge"

  • Julie Webber said:

    "A brilliant course and just what I needed for my CPD..thanks"

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    "Really informative and interesting thank you."

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    "Straightforward and clear - thanks"

  • Sarah Parker said:

    "Good in depth course relevant for my needs"

  • audra johnstone said:

    "Learned a lot"

  • Claire Cowsill said:

    "A good informative course covering all the main principles of child protection, with a comprehensive assessment at the end covering all the important points covered in the course"

  • Margaret Tullin said:

    "I thought this course was very interesting it taught me a few things I never knew."

  • Rojy Simon said:

    "very informative topic"


    "In my opinion i think  this way of learning is the best i like the structure of the course and its contents. "

  • Amy Holding said:

    "Great course, lots of information and well layed out."

  • Krystle Baird said:


    really good




    "Comprehensive and easy to use."


    " It's really good, thanks"

  • Rojy Simon said:

    "very informative topic"

  • Paul Filer said:

    "E-course is intuitive and simple to follow."

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