Covid-19 - An Employer's Roadmap to Lockdown Easing

Covid-19 - An Employer's Roadmap to Lockdown Easing


The health and safety of people in the workplace whether staff, customers, clients, vulnerable groups or contractors is of the utmost importance to everyone and the unprecedented events of 2020 in the United Kingdom has seen many businesses and workplaces further prioritising safety. This has ultimately led employers and employees to leave work or community premises and remain in their homes (in line with government guidelines/requirements).

However, as lockdown restrictions are eased, complying with guidelines remains a constant (whether re-opening or having remained open during the lockdown period) and the purpose of this course is therefore to provide employers with key information to help minimise health and safety risks following the Covid-19 pandemic. It is divided into 3 Parts covering Covid-19 considerations and other useful information about new risks that may be faced, especially when considering infections and is divided into the following Units:

  • Health and Safety Legislation and General Requirements
  • Preventing the Spread of Infection in the Workplace
  • Returning to the Workplace

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